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We love music, and want to use science to understand why music is so fundamental to humans around the world and how we can use music to create a happier and more harmonious future. We hope you will join us!

Interest in the science of music has grown rapidly over the last few decades. However, there remain almost no centers for music science research outside of the West, despite a growing recognition of the need to understand the science of all the world’s music. MUSIK (MUsic Science Institute @Keio) was founded by neuroscientist Shinya Fujii and musicologist Patrick Savage to address this need with a new world-class music science research institute at Keio University in Japan.

We are currently accepting applications from prospective graduate students and postdoctoral researchers. Please email Dr. Fujii and/or Dr. Savage for more details (please include a brief description of research interests and attach a CV).


Dr. Shinya Fujii

I am an Assistant Professor at Keio SFC, where I direct the NeuroMusic Lab. When I was a student, I went to a jazz bar almost every day to play drums. I started my research because I wanted to know how expert musicians control their body movements. As I continue my research, I become more interested in how our musicality emerges through the course of development and evolution and how the brain processes rhythm and music.



Dr. Patrick Savage

I am an Associate Professor at Keio SFC, where I direct the CompMusic Lab. I have been a leader in reviving the comparative study of the world’s music, through which I hope to better understand not only music itself, but also its broader relationship to cultural and biological diversity. My research has appeared in major international publications including Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the USA and the New York Times. I love to sing all kinds of music, from traditional Japanese folk songs to Motown classics.



Dr. Nao Tokui

Nao Tokui serves as the CEO of Qosmo Inc. He is also a media artist and a DJ. Tokui received his PhD from the Department of Electrical Engineering and Information Systems (EEIS), Graduate School of Engineering, The University of Tokyo. After pursuing his research and creative interest as a visiting research fellow at Sony Computer Science Laboratories in Paris, Tokui founded Qosmo in 2009.

He is exploring the potential expansion of creativity through the symbiosis between AI and humans. He will be opening the Computational Creativity lab in Spring 2019.


Unraveling the mystery behind human evolution from the science of music

Our bodies move naturally in time to the tunes that we hear by chance. While this is an involuntary response, an advanced level of information processing, which is possible only for human beings, takes place inside our brains at that point in time.


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